Vehicle Management Solutions
Our development team is capable of delivering a wide range of vehicle management
system software for different purposes.

Fleet Management Solutions We Deliver

Fleet maintenance

Preventative fleet maintenance.
Maintenance scheduling and alerting.
Out-of-order alerts.
Maintenance completion reports.
Vehicles’ parts inventory management (e.g., purchase order creation, tracking).
Repair orders tracking.
Vehicle warranty and insurance information management.

Fleet tracking

Real-time tracking of vehicles.
Fleet availability dashboards.
Drivers’ behavior monitoring (e.g., driving speed, unnecessary stops).
Fuel consumption tracking.

Dispatch management

Route calculation and optimization.
Delivery scheduling and task list generation (for drivers and employees).
Automated vehicle assignment.
Vehicle service history tracking.
Real-time trip monitoring.
Convenient communication between call center reps and drivers.
Dispatch document management (e.g., invoices, dispatch details reports).

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