Banking IT Services and Solutions
Are you up to date on the latest digital challenges in banking and financial services? The Knock Target financial services symposium features key trends and solutions.

What We Offer

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    Internet banking

    Whether you want to implement a solution from scratch or update your current obsolete software, Knock Target will provide you with rich functional scope and ensure implementation of the best online banking practices. With custom internet banking solutions

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    Customer portal

    Build B2C banking portals for ongoing communication and long-term relationships with your customers, or B2B portals with role-based content personalization, multiple logins for customer employees, clear portfolio manager, financial planning and other custom functions.

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    Knowledge management solution

    Make your bank’s corporate knowledge a competitive advantage, Create a corporate knowledge base and a unified discussion hub, Post information for corporate education. Share case studies, workshop materials, guidelines, FAQs and other knowledge items.

Banking & financial solutions

​​​​​​​With a team of knowledgeable and experienced data scientists, Knock Target enhances customer satisfaction, increases revenue growth and minimizes risk. Our solutions include:

Risk analytics





Collections strategy prioritization

Credit card portfolio services

Banking solutions


Prepaid card portfolio

Credit card analytics

Mortgage portfolio analytics

Auto loan portfolio

    Marketing analytics


    Market research

    Digital marketing

    Improved mail campaigns

      Regulatory analytics


      Model risk management

      CCAR/DFAST stress testing

      Basel II & III

      CIP / AML

      Attribute mapping

      Helping banking & financial services find the best way forward

      Banking analytics

      Drive smarter business decisions through data and advanced analytics

      BFS - Finance and accounting

      Data-powered, efficient finance solutions

      Data-driven finance

      Discover deeper actionable insights faster

      Digital KYC

      Simplify compliance with AI powered KYC

      Digital Virtual Assist

      (DIVA) AI-powered digital customer experience

      Mortgage - Digital and analytics Look deeper into advance mortgage operations

      Mortgage title insurance

      Smart title transformation solutions

      Point-of-sale financing

      Credit solutions designed to meet consumers where they are

      We’d love to help with your product.