Media and News 
Knock Target embraces the power of technology to deliver innovative custom software solutions aimed
 at boosting the performance of media operations, opening up new channels,
personalizing data with advanced analytics, revolutionizing user experience,
and increasing audience engagement.

Media and News IT Solutions

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    Radio Station app Development

    Mobile radio app development offered by Knock Target professionals allows our clients to track the content consumption habits of their audience with the highest levels of accuracy, increase engagement while sending targeted messages to listeners and provide a more universal experience.

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    Movie and TV Platform

    Custome Platforms designed to quickly and effectively stream content “Over the Top” of other media platforms , often to multiple devices. An OTT platform improves live streaming quality, giving audiences a more enhanced media experience than with other streaming services.

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    Music Sharing Platform

    Enhance your media and entertainment business strategies. Leverage our custom app development services to create a feature-rich and fully functional music app to introduce innovation in your business and to attract a large sum of users of all the age groups with a soothing rhythm.

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    News and Magazine Portal

    Our team of designers and newspaper application developers are known to create apps that the publishing industry and the mobile readers love to spend their time on.

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    Anti-piracy solutions

    Knock Target Anti-Piracy Center empowers content owners and service providers to protect their content, their revenues, and their business from the various faces of video piracy.

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