Education & E-Learning Solutions

Custom e-learning solutions for private and public educational institutions, as well as large and small businesses.

One-Stop Education solutions

Training and Learning Management Systems

Our team has a vast experience in developing training and learning management software for both educational institutions and businesses. Solutions we deliver are packed with various custom built-in features that allow creating, managing and presenting learning or training content in the most comprehensive way. TMS and LMS systems we develop are designed in a way to be integrated with related eLearning systems.

School Management Software Development

Our team delivers the best-in-class school management software solutions of any complexity and with any required functionality either from scratch or customizing the existing solutions.

Game-Based Learning Solutions

We know that the best way to make people love learning and grasp the key material quickly is to educate them in the form of a game. The personalized game-based learning solutions we develop engage learners of all ages with interactive lessons and gamification elements.

Assessment Solutions

Knowing about the value of assessment in education, we create practical, feedback-oriented assessment solutions tailored to the learning objectives of our customers. Our assessment solutions allow customers to monitor the efficiency of the educational process and its outcomes.

Attendance Tracking Solutions

Nearly two decades of working in the education sector have made us experts in delivering perfectly crafted attendance tracking applications for  kindergartens, schools, enterprises and other educational institutions. Our solutions automate the attendance tracking procedure, facilitating related management processes.

Technologies we use

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