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KnockTarget creates websites to exceed audience expectations.
We build sites to perform with a focus on strategic planning,
compelling visual design, and flawless user experience,
in order to drive superior results.

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The technical skill and battle-tested processes to

deliver high-performing websites.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile technology is here to stay, with more and more people using smartphones to browse the internet and make purchases online. We use responsive web design techniques to make sure that your website looks good and functions perfectly on mobile devices, as well as on all other screens.


Your brand is what helps you to build the trust of your customers and grow your business both online and in the real world. We recognise the immense importance of branding, and our designers will carry your brand throughout your entire website, presenting your business in a cohesive, consistent, and professional manner.

User Experience

Professional website design isn’t just about looking good; it’s about providing the end user with a smooth, cohesive journey from landing page to checkout. We know exactly how to deliver this, and our experienced designers will ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with your site and the experience it offers.

User Psychology

Have you ever wondered what makes people click? Or why they buy from your competitor’s website instead of from your own? There are numerous psychological factors that dictate the way in which users interact with your website, and our thorough understanding of these factors will help us to create an appealing, professional website design that gets you the results you need.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A sleek, responsive website design can make all the difference to search engines. If your site is properly structured and easy to use, this will significantly improve your chances of ranking highly in Google results; many of the websites that we have designed now occupy the #1 spot for the biggest keywords in their respective industries.

Latest Coding Techniques

Code is the bricks and mortar from which a website is constructed, and your site must be coded properly if it is to succeed. Our developers work hard to stay abreast of the latest best practices, and we develop every line of code specifically for your website, resulting in a bespoke, tailor-made solution that will outperform all of your competitors.

Social Media Integration

Social media is no longer an optional extra for business owners – your customers will expect to find you on Twitter and Facebook, and many people even use these channels to make business enquiries. For this reason, our professional website designers ensure that all of the websites they create are fully integrated with social media, making it easy for users to find your social accounts while keeping everything seamless and consistent between platforms.

Site Speed

Speed is a crucial factor for any website. If your pages load too slowly, users will become frustrated and abandon your site in favour of a faster competitor. Furthermore, Google and other search engines may penalise you if your average loading time is too long. Don’t worry, though – we know how to design highly responsive websites that load quickly, creating a smooth, pleasant experience for users and search engine bots alike.

Ongoing Support & Analysis

The world of website design is always changing, and improvements can always be made. After your new site goes live, we will let you know of any new developments or technologies that we think could benefit you and your business going forward; we will also keep an eye on your inbound traffic, your bounce rates, your search rankings, and your site’s performance in general, keeping you informed as to how things are going.

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