Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality
Partner with experts in travel software development to have your custom solutions designed
 and built from the ground up, modernized, or seamlessly integrated with other in-use systems.

Travel and Hotels online solutions

Hospitality Management Solutions

Enhance your guests’ experience by integrating a flexible, efficient, and secure cloud-based hospitality management solution. As a travel and hospitality software company, Knock Target will help you access actionable guest data fast, analyze bookings in real time, and, as a result, provide better guest experience as well as streamline accounting, work order processing, and revenue management.

Travel Distribution Solutions

As a one-stop travel software development company, Knock Target will help you integrate with global travel distribution systems to access data about hotel rooms, airline/train/bus seats, car rentals, and any other data coming from global travel organizations, travel agents, or online booking websites.

Hotel Reservation Solutions

Knock Target will help you satisfy the omnichannel needs of property management providers and hospitality operators. Delegate responsibility for all stages of hotel reservation software development, from requirements determination and analysis to post-release support and maintenance.


  • Transport Portals

    Our staff can build both B2B and B2C travel web portals with features such as central booking, travel content mapping, sales tracking, layered travel agent access and convergence of the travel portal applications with other apps.

    • Technology for Hotel Security

      We save on your payroll costs and associated expenses when expanding your hotel management platform with front & back office systems for personal guest management, billing and budget analysis.

    • Travel Planning Apps

      Our software development teams build custom Apps that can guide tourists with all travel related tasks, help them find new locations and give them the ability to find numerous modes of transportation & housing.

    • Ticket Booking Apps

      We can help your company create mobile ticket booking applications for any mode of transportation. If you're trying to sell a ticket, we will create an app for that.

    • E-Booking and Ticketing Process

      Our developers will help you create an online reservation system that helps your consumers register a ticket, confirm a stay, rent a car or make other travel plans with access to exclusive deals and reminders-all from a single self-service portal.

    • CRM for Hotels

      A customized hotel CRM framework helps you to easily maintain your relationship with current customers and improve the appeal of your company to new clients

      • Hotel Booking Apps

        We're сreating mobile applications that will take the difficulties of finding a lodging from the traveler while giving them the peace of mind so they can enjoy the experience of their trip.

        • Vehicle Rental Booking

          ​​​​​​​On-demand car rental providers are easier if they can be reached via a smartphone app. Create your own car rental reservation app with our experience in mobile growth.

          We’d love to help with your product.