Project Management Solutions
Custom project management (PM) software streamlines administrative decisions on projects and aligns collaboration between project managers, project team members, and other project stakeholders.

Key Features of Custom Project Management Software

Project planning

  • Project initiation and approval workflows.
  • Setting project goals, milestones, KPIs, and deadlines.
  • Planning and scheduling project activities.
  • Checking the availability and costs of the required human, financial, and physical resources.

Project monitoring

  • Tracking the completion status of each project task and consumption of project resources.
  • Monitoring the overall project progress.
  • Updating project tasks in real time.
  • Automated notifications about task updates to corresponding team members.
  • Automated evaluation of the project health (milestones, deadlines, KPIs are checked against the planned parameters).

Human resource management

  • A project team’s lineup planning and assigning employees to the project roles.
  • Scheduling high-demand professionals to ensure their availability for the upcoming projects.
  • Monitoring the project team’s workload and performance.
  • Checking the progress of each team member.

Financial resource management

  • Project budget estimation and planning with regard to the planned labor and non-labor costs.
  • Requesting/scheduling the needed financial resources and project budget approval.
  • Setting budget groups for the project and modelling scenarios of budget allocation into them.
  • Tracking the project budget usage per budget allocation group.

Physical resource management

  • Checking the real-time availability of the company’s assets (e.g., machinery, hardware, software licenses, facilities, medical equipment, etc.) and consumable resources.
  • Monitoring the consumable resources consumption and its compliance with the planned amounts.
  • Requesting/scheduling the needed or high-demand physical resources.
  • Modelling purchasing vs rental scenarios for physical resources to decide on the most cost-effective resourcing model for the project.
  • Detecting the over-allocation cases.

Time management

For project managers:

  • Monitoring the actual time spent on each task by each team member.
  • Getting personal time reports on project team members.
  • Planning and visualizing team members’ availability.

For project team members:

  • Logging time for project-bound activities.
  • Automated time tracking.
  • Controlling personal progress and performance.

Risks management

  • Setting, evaluating, and prioritizing project risks.
  • Monitoring risk factors throughout the project.
  • Assigning risk mitigation activities to a corresponding project stakeholder.

Project portfolio analytics and reporting

  • Modelling what-if scenarios with varying budgeting and resource utilization constraints to decide on the best fitting portfolio optimization strategy.
  • Setting what-if scenarios for the grounded resources allocation in the cases of projects competing over the same resources.
  • Customizable reports on portfolio statistics, program progress, resource capacity and utilization, etc.

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